Wordpress Flowplayer Subject of a Study

I was a bit taken back today after stumbling across this pdf by Dr. Wolf-Fritz Riekert https://share.ieservices.de/downloads/documents/Wordpress_Flowplayer_Plugin_pash-m_recent_version.pdf

Google translated version

Seems my plugin and the code therein has been the subject of a study, after perusing the google translation of the document I can see some very interesting concepts on how to improve the plugins integration with wordpress itself, I have sent an email Dr. Wolf-Fritz Riekert, asking if I can take his concepts and apply them to my code, so have a read and check back for version soon,

Also of note the authors at Flowplayer.org have also granted me permission to use the latest verison of flowplayer, this will be rolled into

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Update:Dr. Wolf-Fritz Riekert has gotten back to me, this study is in fact the work of a group of students, the project leader of which was Martin Wörz, of ieservices.de, I’ll be liaising with him over the concepts in the study.