dbStat a Mysql Database Optimization Tool.

I have been working on a script as of late to aid in the ever ongoing process of optimizing a web applications “back end”, inevitably the database, and underlying code.

Thus dbstat was born, the current version is not for release just yet , as some tweaks are still needed, at the moment it only supports reporting for a single database at any one time.

v 0.5 Features list.

  1. Dynamic / Fixed row size checking. (Dynamic size rows can cause table fragmentation).
  2. MyISAM / InnoDB  checking (Reports total number of tables using these engines).
  3. Index threshold testing.
  4. Table fragmentation threshold testing.
  5. Table size threshold testing.
  6. Database size reporting.

At the moment this is currently written in PHP, and is quite heavily scripted I will be looking to move to C++ for a v1.0 for the release, for calculations sake and to remove the need to install PHP.

I will post more information as the project develops, I will be looking to release the program and source under GPL by version 1.

By version 1, I intend to have included the following:

  1. User interactive reporting. (On even of threshold being exceeded, prompt user to fix or skip, with cursory notes*)
  2. Table de-fragmentation.
  3. Reporting to include suggested fixes.

*Cursory notes  to describe the fix, and possible implications of actioning it.

So watch this space, and please leave requests via comments :)