dbStat in the Wild

Seems that dbStat had to be developed much faster than I realised, it was a personal project that I was working on as I got time.

Now it has been completely re-written to provide a complete “break down” of a large mySQL database suffering some major iowait (on average 15%).

The database in question was 17GB in size with 63% of that data size being pure indexes … MAJOR headache.

After completion of v1.0 dbStat, and subsequent review of the output, we were able to reduce the Index size by 7GB (41% of Total).

So the datbase is siting at ~10gb (40% index), plenty more work to do, but by removing the problem causing indexes we have reduced the index overhead and stemmed a growth of ~380mb/24hrs

Rapid development has left a few bugs, currently dbStat is at v1.2 with a very buggy CSV export function, anyway more as the project progresses, it also raises a few questions about public release now due to it being laregly to resolve a business issue.

Hmm maybe I can get a testimonial! haha

EDIT: iowait is down to 2.28% now :D