Green Giant - eBay Con Artists Part 3

Well lets start with the good news, the compact flash memory has arrived …

Now for the bad, following on from my last blog regarding this here the package arrived allright, but with all of £0.52 worth of royal mail postage, not recorded, not special delivery, no insurance, nothing £16 charge for £0.52 in postage … even with the packaging this no where near amounts to £16 worth of postage.

This is an utter JOKE, I am processing the photos for upload, the originals ar 5MP so a little to big for a blog ;-)

I have put in a complaint with ebay, citing this as using their postage system to “Extort” additional money.

Hopefully they will also see it this way, that does mean I can not “name and shame” at the moment, as it will not help my case.

Check back soon for the photos of the “£16” postage and packing …

4 x 1gb CF £3.96, POstage and packing £16, warm glowy I\'ve been conned feeling PRICELESS

a £16 stamp, take a good look it\'s rare

Wow Bubblewrap is SO EXPENSIVE!