I Am Alive, the Last 8 Months in Review

Well, where to begin.

2013 has been a year of change for myself, after a long consideration period spanning several months in 2012 I felt that it was time to move on from Psycle Interactive as their Systems Administrator; the new roles “on the table” were as follows:

  • Percona - Systems Admin role which later became a Remote DBA role
  • Rackspace - Systems Admin
  • Google - Systems engineer
  • Facebook - Systems engineer

I accepted the offer from Percona becoming part of the Remote DBA team; the growth over the last 8 months has in my opinion been very rapid; the team and client list has more than doubled in size.

So some highlights on what I have been up to this year (well what I can talk about at least).

There’s so much more which I can not talk about with it being IP / NDA related.

Expect more security focused posts soon as I work on their content.