Quickly Get MAC Addresses in Windows XP Using ARP

Just a quick blog about this …

Ever had the problem of having to assign a DHCP reservation with no mac address resolving software on your laptop? (NOOB! haha)

Well … you have software built in if you are using windows XP anyway …

Start > run > cmd

“arp -a” (without quotes)

this will list your current local interfaces and thier MAC addresses.

“arp -a xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” (without quotes) Where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the target IP address on your LAN, this will resolve the MAC address for that interface.

Nice quick and simple.


UPDATE: If you get an error “NO Arp entries found” when doing this, just ping the IP address first, assuming you get a response you _should_ be able to use arp to lookup the mac address!