Backup Exec 9.1 A00084ca - the Data Being Read From the Media Is Inconsistent

This error as of late has been driving me nuts!

Whilst I have still to resolve the issue, I can offer advice to those using ntbackup to diagnose this problem on windows 2003 server or SBS (Small Business Server).

First you will need to stop ALL BackupEXEC services, now try to run a backup to the tape device using ntbackup.

More than likely you will get the following error.

When attempting to run a backup with the Backup Utility for Windows, an error: “The device reported an error on a request to MS_UpdateNtmsOmidInfo. Error reported: 11. There may be a hardware or media problem. Please check the system log for relevant failures” (Figure 1) is displayed.

This is because BackupEXEC 9.1 has not copied a dll to the right location.

Typically this is: %systemroot%\System32\mll_BE.dll

Be sure to check your registry to make sure: \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Currentcontrolset\control\NTMS\OMID\tape\be

Simply copy the dll from Program Files\VERITAS\Backup Exec\NT\mll_be.dll (or your relevant installation directory), to %systemroot%\System32\mll_BE.dll.

Reboot and ntbackup should run without error, (If of course you remembered to stop the BackupEXEC services again).


This was eventually resolved by replacing the faulty scsi controller.