Tor Gains 1.2M Users in Wake of NSA Scandal Ironically Making It Easier for the NSA

So … TOR is supposed to have gains 1.2 Million users following all the fanfare around the NSA.

If I were to facepalm at this point I fear my face would pushed out the back of my skull, so let me relay a small bit of insight.

TOR is an anonymizing proxy so long as every node along the chain is “behaving”, let’s say fo sake for argument somene sets up a malicious exit node, Jackin’ TOR shows just such a setup used to inject content into http requests.

  • inject javascript
  • javascript executed by browser, makes request to malicious host
  • identifying the browser if exploit exits this can now be used
  • malicious payload send back in request
  • malicious program now running makes direct request to C&C server (this does not go out via TOR, rquest is no longer anonymous)
  • we can pretty much do anything we want now with the system

And if the above does not work?

  • inject javascript
  • steal cookies
  • steal users accounts with banking, email, other services.