CVE-2015-1027 Percona-toolkit and Percona-xtrabackup

Since my move to information security architect at Percona back in November of 2014 I’ve been able to begin to curate and build a responsible disclosure program for which I hope best reflects that of a responsible open source vendor.

There is still penty to do here of course, and more is yet to come on this front.

The first public success story may be considered a minor one but I feel it is an important step toward responsible disclosure.

The blog post disclosure on may be found here and I’m hosting a plaintext version here

The initial research began 2014-12-16 at this time a functional PoC was created and distributed internally to allow the developers to test their fix this means from concept to fix (2015-01-16) took one calendar month, with percona-toolkit 2.2.13 being released 2015-01-26 and percona-xtrabackup 2.2.9 being released 2015-02-17.

So why you may as did the disclsure not occur untill 2015-05-06 ? simply put to allow user and distros to update; and frankly this was by far the hardest part trying to illict response from distros began to seem to a fruitless task.

And thus I had planned to just go ahead with the disclosure 2015-04-30, it was around this time we were contacted by the people over at oCERT regarding and entirely seperate issue CVE-2015-3152 for which you can read more about how this is looking to be addressed on Todd Farmer’s blog.

Following the interaction with oCERT (namely Andrea B), we’ve since applied for membership with oCERT and work continues on curating a responsible disclosure plan.

If you have any suggestions / comments on the progression of the responsible disclosure program I’d be glad to hear them via email to:

david {dot} busby {at} percona {dot} com

You can use either my gpg pubkey at or 0x5422aa2ab636da5a

Please remember the program is still very much in its early stages as such time to disclosure are typically longer than exepect (as can be seen from CVE-2015-1027).