Wordpress Flowplayer (Flowplayer for Wordpress) UPDATE

With the release of wordpress 2.7 and flowplayer 3.x I thought it was time to update the plugin.

A development copy as always can be obtained from:

svn co https://svn.blog.oneiroi.co.uk/branches/wordpress-flowplayer/trunk

However please remember that it is development and most like will not work.

Anyway enough talk here are some screen shots of upcoming version of the plugin (2.x).

UPDATE: I have been in contact with the flowplayer development team, and can now confirm 2.x of this plugin will support both GPL and commercial versions.

I am adding a section to the admin menu to allow input of a license key, and a link at the bottom of the menu to allow you to purchase a commercial license.

Purchasing a commercial license helps to support the Flowplayer project and continue it’s development, for a list of features in flowplayer 3.x see: https://flowplayer.org/documentation/index.html

Certain features i.e. custom logo, will only work with a commercial license.

Please direct any requests for support on this plugin to our TRAC system: https://OFFLINE/saiweb

UPDATE 2: V 2.x of this plugin should be release this evening.