Flowplayer for Wordpress

Whilst I wait for a reply here: https://community.flowplayer.org/node/1051

I am making version 0.1 of this plugin available.


  • Unzip wpfp
  • Upload to /wp-content/plugins/


  • Make a new directory in the root of wordpress called “videos”
  • Upload streaming media (.flv, .mp4) to /videos/
  • In the wordpress panel (/wp-admin/) under plugins activate “Flowplayer for Wordpress”
  • Write a post and add the tag (see example: here) *
  • Where “media.flv” is your video file, 600 and 450 are the width and height to make the flash player in the page.


The version of flowplayer provided with this plugin is version 2.2.2 and is provided under the GPL license as specified by the authors of flowplayer (https://flowplayer.org/).

I am not the author or owner of flowplayer as such all copyright for flowplayer remains that of the respective parties.

I am the author of the included flowplayer.php file and have made this available under the Creative Commons license similar to the GPL: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/uk

If the authors of flowplayer object to the distribution of their works under the original GPL license, I reserve the right to remove the download of this plugin*

  • Whilst GPL does allow for me to legally redistribute the “free software” under the original license.

Remember this is version 0.1 as such this only uses the flowplayer minimum embed code, support for playlists etc has not yet been added, depending on the popularity of this plugin I may continue to work on it to provide full access to the flowplayer features (https://flowplayer.org/player/advanced.html).

Please leave a comment with feedback.

wpfp Download

As pointed out by Mons PHP 4.x does not support the intial release of this plugin.