Green Giant - Hardware Estimates

Ok so I have begun to work out the cost implications of doing this …

On the upshot the concept I have in mind will allow for nodes to be added dynamically.

Anyway onto the “beancounting”

GA-G33M-DSR2 £65.56 (ebuyer)
Corsair 4GB DDR2(800mhz) £65.35 x 2 (£130.7)
Intel core 2 quad Q6600 Energy Efficent 95w 2.4GZ 8mb L2 (4mb per core pair) £126.99

Total: £323.25


Example config:

5 Nodes
20 Cpu cores
48 GHZ
40GB Ram
150 Gflops (estimated)

£1616.25 Total
£33.67 / Ghz


Quite a considerable “chunk” of change, anyone any ideas as to cheaper suppliers? my Prices are based on the costs at the time of writing.

For US readers £1616.25 @ £1:$1.9432 = $3140.697 total = $628.14 / node

Update based on my previous spec here

Not draw more than a total 30w / GHZ under load (Bringing the 4 node total to just 120w)

Based on the current estimated 400w @ 48GHZ = 8.33w / GHZ (Well under target) …

We shall see what the actuall power consumption is once I find an alternate supplier.