N95 the Best Apps You Realy Can Not Live Without

Want iPhone style functionality on your n95?

Well one thing that didn’t make it into the tech spec sheets is the fact the n95 has an accelerometer!

This app RotateMe allows you to rotate the screen by rotating your phone (removing the need to use the media slide).

Then there’s ShutUp! place the phone face down to activate one profile (i.e. silent) and pick it up again to activate another.

And NokMote a project by the same developer to bring wii-mote style control to your n95.

For the starwars fan (geek): LightSabre need I say more?

Inclinometer is aimed at offroaders, by putting your n95 on your dashboard and running this app it will tell you the current angle of the car.

The downside is some of these apps require them to be “signed” against the IMEI of your phone … I will update as I find how to do this easily.