CUDA, Yet Another Distraction

oooooooo SHINY …. I mean erm … yeh … whistles

I’ll be taking a look at CUDA over the next few days, first task being to rig it up into OSX and Eclipse CDT, CUDA is Nvidias current push at programming for the GPU, from what I can see it is a vast improvement over the old Cg days (nVidia’s other attempt at a GPU SDK).

This seems farm more popular and has greater support, with the newest nVidia drivers and card being pushed out ‘CUDA’ ready … and when your app therefor can be used on any system running a compatible GPU I’m pretty sure cross platform is not going to be an issue, and then there’s the performance side of things with GPU’s parallel architecture massively out performing CPU’s.

If I have the time I will be getting a could of cuda shell projects out the door, I have a very basic concept for one allready but you’ll just have to wait and see ;-)

UPDATE: Despite a quick playing during my lunch I can’t get CUDA example compiling …