User Account Cleanout and reCaptcha

Due to the several hundred registered accounts in the last couple of days I have had a clean out.

And implemented the WP-reCaptcha plugin to help reduce the amount of spam signups and comments.

So in short I am sorry if yours was a genuine account victim of the clean out, but you can sign back up and help digitize historic books in the process.

The plugin also utilizes the Mail Hide functionality show here: HIDDEN EMAIL to help protect email addresses.

So now you can post your email address in comments safe from spam.



UPDATE: There is an issue with email addresses, I have contacted the plugin author, for the time being just be aware any hidden email addresses with show as so just add .uk on the end

UPDATE2: I have replaced the regex in the plugin with my own loose matching email regex, and the issue is now solved I have posted the code on the plugin page comments for the author, with any luck an update will soon be available.