Updates, Froomi, Flowplayer for Wordpress

As most have no doubt noticed the plugin is delayed … again

Too many projects, too few hours in the day.

Froomi - All in one HTTP Server, Search Engine, Pseudo Streaming Media server (Might add transcoding)

This project is up on google code: https://code.google.com/p/froomi/

So far the HTTP module is basically complete and already has GZIP compression support for browsers that send the appropriate header to indicate they support it.

I will being working on the Pseudo streaming component shortly, to recap this is in an Alpha state at the moment, I will be putting the server live on https://www.froomi.com shortly once the Pseudo streaming component is complete.

Flowplayer for wordpress, is still in development the code base has been completely re-written as per the previews you can now see the meta boxes in action, along with the license detection, I think I am going to cut a couple of features and just get the next release out the door (yes RTMP will still be in this release!).

Contributions, some people have shown an interest in contributing to these projects, contributions are very welcome and will carry the appropriate credits in the source code and license, I would go so far as to encourage contributions from developers as this will actually speed up releases for these projects.

So feel free if to contact me.

Contributor Requirements:

  • Familiarity with the programming language used in the project you are contributing to (PHP,Python,etc..)
  • Working knowledge of creating diff patches (not required bug a huge bonus)
  • Ability to document your changes in English, sorry this is a requirements
  • Skype / MSN / Ventrilo client