Saiweb Update - What Do You Want to See?

Well the giant banner at the top of the blog can’t of escaped your attention, and I still need your votes! so please check out the blog entry for IT Super Hero 2008

For those awaiting the ‘Build your own HD youtube’ series completion, I have a dedi server en route, to allow completion of this series.

“Dell Core 330 v2 - Core2Duo E4600 (2x2.4GHz) 1GB RAM 160GB HDD”

CentOS 64bit, from what I have read the cpu uses Intels EMT, which is realy only about 48bits … but neither here or there at the moment, this is coming from the guy’s at UkFast.

So with the new dev server on the way the question is … what do you want to see?

What tutorials / videos would you be of intrest to you?

Post a comment with suggestions, and just so you are aware comments are on moderation due to the couple of thousand spam comments posted every day :( … so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear right away it’s just waiting for me to review it.