All Quiet on the Front ....

No I have not faded into cyber oblivion, things have just been way to busy on the work front to post any updates.

Such is the case with project deadlines, and frankly I’d rather be rushed off my feet than unemployed at the moment :-)

That said I do have a few projects in the works first and foremost is the Wordpress-Flowplayer release,

  1. I have secured the latest version of flowplayer courtesy of the guys over at,
  2. I am working on integrating the mediamelon CDN service, which will be bundled with
  3. With any luck provided I can get the code right this will also allow the use of 3rd party plugins
  4. Working on an advance ‘scripting’ area to allow you to embed your own syntax in the plugin hook.

I am also redeveloping Froomi at present to add in some additional features, which will be served using a RESTful API, more on that soon,

Lastly there will be a new blog appearing soon geared mainly toward security and pen testing, following a nickname I have now picked up from work ‘the sith admin’ I’ve registered an appropriate domain and will be setting up on there soon.