Should You Participate?

This question has arrived at my feet a few times now.

Sould I participate with and remove support for www. on my sites?

The answer is no you shouldn’t whilst I appreciate and do belive www. has become deprecated, a LOT of end users still use www. So by removing support for this you are excludinga potentialy large user base from reaching your website, can you as a business afford to do that … of course not!

So what should you do?

In my opinion, add support for both.

You will see that and BOTH work, this allows both “classes” of end users to reach my website, and I have applied this principle to all sites I have recently worked on.

Example httpd.conf entry

ServerName ServerAlias

DNS for is an A record to the IP of my webhost and is a CNAME of

This method however does not validate as www. subdomain still exists, so don’t expect a “no-www” validated image to appear on my blog anytime soon.

www. may be depreciated, but businesses can not afford to exclude any potential customers, so don’t expect this no-www to become standard anytime either.

“July 2, 2008

Today we passed 38,000 domains validated through no-www. This is a nice round number so it seems worthy of tooting our horn over. ”

As I write this there are 77,343,623 active domains (source: making the no-www support less than 0.05% of active domains.

I would be intrested to know how many of this 38k domains are actual businesses, and how support no-www has affected thier online sales.

I can tell you however of the 300 or so domains I currently controll, non would no-www validate as they are all configured using the method above.