A Big *thanks* to Pledgie Users

Or rather a lack of thanks,

Pledgie as most of you know is a donation system for tracking set campaigns, you will of seen in the sidebar a link to https://pledgie.com/campaigns/2090 I have since sent in a deletion request for the campaign due to idiotic users spamming the ‘report spam’ function of Pledgie and marking the campaign down under their own.

Well that’s nice of you, the campaign was to offset the near £1400 server rental cost for Saiweb, this was to provide open source software to the some 5000 unique visitors a month finding the answers to their technical issues on this blog and downloading the tools available from subversion.

This has forced me to re-think my position on providing the at the time of writing $20,200 worth of FREE open source software (as valued by ohloh).

With the free updates and free support, which until this moment I had not minded doing.

As you can see except for the one google addwords bar at the top of this blog (which no one ever clicks) this blog and the information provided is Add FREE, being as the cost of running Saiweb is not going to be helped by relying on ‘Good will’ of the users it helps, Saiweb will shortly be undergoing a radical restructure.

The ‘Build Your Own HD Youtube series’ with immediate effect is now canceled.

Saiweb will continue to operate as normal with regard to all other projects until further notice.