2011 ...

So it’s here the big 2 0 1 1,

Is it everything you hoped? or is it everything you feared?

For one thing this year ipv4 address allocation run out (approx 45 days from the date of this post), with only 7 /8’s left at the time of writing …

For me I shall call it the year of certification,I’ve been reading several for 6-7 years now, not ever getting around to taking the exams

On the hitlist:

  1. ccna
  2. rhcsa
  3. rhce
  4. ceh

Whilst I will keep my Comp TIA A+ Networks and Hardware books, I am not seeing any real benefit of them, A+ hardware refers to more of more of the inner workings of computing hardware in general (hard hard drives cpu memory prints work, etc … ) same with Networks both seem to cover the underlying theory in depth and whilst I can see they can help to provide a better understanding for the begginer, if you have some university education I would skip them and go strait to CCNA & vendor specific certification (RH* for me).

I’m also going to be writing a lot more documentation this year and authoring more tools, around

  • RHCS (Red hat cluster services)
  • SNORT (IDS, though ossec is looking good to replace this)
  • MAP Reduce in python (Because I can rapidly develop in python … looking at things like rsa decryption ..)
  • CUDA … (I know I keep saying it, but looking at security for one parallel programming needs more investigation on my part).

So here’s wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2011.